Services Offered

Board & Training:

Billed the first of every month for the coming month. Includes bedding (straw or shavings), top quality feed and hay, Red Cell vitamin supplement, mineral and salt blocks as well as the best caretakers possible. Additional supplements will be billed accordingly as need for each horses such as: Total Joint Care, adr, fish oil, thyro-L, Gelatin, Immune Boost and Blood Builder, etc.

Board and Training per month: $1300.00

Any owner wishing to move a horse must give Melissa Moore thirty days notice either in person or by phone, no messages will be accepted, as to when the horse or horses will be leaving. If thirty days notice is not given then a full board and training fee for thirty days will be charged and must be paid before the horse or horses are allowed to leave Sunrise Stables. If thirty days notice is given, all bills must be paid before the horse or horses are allowed to leave Sunrise Stables. I regret any inconvenience this may cause, but in order to run a first class operation this must be enforced.

Farrier, Dentist and Chiropractor:

Sunrise Stable pays the Farrier Chiropractor and Dentist direct. The customer is billed on their monthly statement for the services that are performed

Vet Care:

Sunrise Stables uses Dr. Hugh Behling, Dr. Louis Johnson and Dr. Scott Bennett. The vets for the most part bill the customers direct. However, on occasion, if the vet does not know who owns a particular horse they will bill Sunrise Stables and Sunrise Stables will bill the customer on the monthly statement. Sunrise Stables will also bill the customer for medical treatments performed by the staff of Sunrise Stable such as worming, vaccines, banamine injections, tranquilers, blistering, etc.. In addition, B-12 shots will be given several weeks prior to a horses show and will be billed on the monthly statement. Additional Joint supplements such as Legend and Equioxx will also be given prior to a show and billed to the client.

Melissa will discuss treatments that must be done by Vets, such as hock, back or joint injections. These treatments are to enhance the performance of the horse and to aid in their therapeutic needs. But because of the cost and risk involved, this will be discussed with the client prior to the treatments.

Show Expenses:

The customer will be billed a day rate for each day the horse is away from Sunrise Stables, starting the day the horse leaves and ending the day the horse returns. The day rate is $100. per day. This charge helps cover round the clock care that the horse receives while at a show, and additional caretaker expenses. The trainer's show expenses (hotel, airfare or transportation, rental car and food), box seats, stall decorations, bedding and tack stalls will be prorated among the among the customers attending the show and billed accordingly. Sunrise Stables will make all entries for the shows and will bill the customers on their monthly statement. The customer is required to pay all entry fees, exhibitor passes, office fees and stall charges for each horses.


Supplies that are needed to present your horse for showing such as baby powder, baby oil, ribbon, ginger, shoe polish, tape, Vaseline, Vicks etc. will be billed on the monthly statement through out the show season.


Sunrise Stables asks their customers to provide all equipment needed to show their horse, such as; show bridle, saddle, show harness, harness buggies, pleasure driving cart, road bike or road wagon. If the customer does not have the needed equipment,

Sunrise Stables will provide the equipment for a small usage fee.

Harness Buggy: $100 per class
Road bike: $100 per class
Pleasure driving cart: $100 per class
Show harness: $50.00 per class
Show bridle: no charge
Saddle: No charge
Tail switch: $25 per class

Small items such as boots, tail braces, show halters will be purchase and billed to the customer. Show sheets and blankets in the Sunrise Stables' colors will be ordered for each horse and billed to the customer. Sunrise Stables will discuss any large purchases with the customer before buying them.

All work tack and equipment needed to provide top training is provided by Sunrise Stables.

Breeding Stock:

In addition to the training facility, Sunrise Stables has a full care breeding operation. Mare care and standing stallions are available.

Mare care outside: $16 a day
Mare care inside/outside: $18 a day
Mare with a foal: $18 a day
Weanlings/yearlings: $15 a day
Foaling fee: $300
Standing a Stud: $1500 per month


Sunrise Stables will be paid a 10% commission on any horse bought or sold for the customer. The purchase or sale of a horse at a public auction will be charged a 5% commission. Special arrangements can be made on occasion.


At Sunrise Stables your horses are taken care of by some outstanding individuals who take great pride in their work. It is customary to tip the caretakers at each show for the wonderful way they prepare your horses. A recommended guideline is $50 per class. Of course, it is your decision.

Please sign and return this agreement.

Melissa Moore

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